Friday, October 11, 2013

Friend Feature Fridays

Samuel Atherton, Teresa, Andrew, & Samuel Mestel 
Happy Friday!  One of my favorite parts of square dancing is the people I meet!  As part of this blog, I am going to feature a friend from a different region that I have met square dancing on Fridays.

As I mentioned before, square dancing is an international activity.  My family has had the opportunity to dance in 8 different states and I have called in 6 states.  Although we have never danced outside of the country, we have danced with people from Japan, Germany, and even Australia.

This week I am actually going to feature 2 friends!  In September, my brother and I called a dance at the Indiana State Museum with 2 other youth caller, Samuel Mestel and Samuel Atherton.  Mestel is from the southern part of the state and Atherton is from central Indiana.  With Andrew and I from Northern Indiana, we had a diverse state representation.  As the only youth callers in the state, we have acquired the name "The Young Guns."

Both Mestel and Atherton got involved in square dancing with their families.  Like my brother and me, they started calling for the challenge.  They loved dancing and calling was just the next step.  Both have unique voices and styles.  Mestel has been calling for 7 years and has developed a smooth calling style.  Atherton has only been calling about 3 years but still likes to be able to create an enjoyable time for the dancers with his upbeat songs.

Mestel, Teresa, Andrew & Atherton calling at the danceThe State Museum Dance is held annually.  Dancers from all over the state and even surrounding states come for this free dance.  We were all extremely honored to be asked to call at the museum.  We had a  large turnout and everyone had a great time!  We enjoyed being able to sing and harmonize together.

The four of us met at the Indiana State Square Dance Convention several years ago.  The Convention is held annually in October.  The Convention starts Friday evening and ends Sunday morning.  It is a great way to meet dancers and callers from all over the state.  I am looking forward to this years convention and seeing all my square dancing friends.

Are you a part of an activity that holds conventions?  Are there other activities in which friendship plays such a big role?  Feel free to comment below with your thoughts, questions or ideas about friendships within activities!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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